THE CAGE is Madrid´s leading fetish bar. It goes beyond the obvious to create a unique experience for men of all ages, it tries to accommodate a variety of interests whether it be leather, uniforms, WS, FF, BDSM or something new. We like patrons to be open, imaginative and – above all – participatory. THE CAGE is recognized for its customer service and overall atmosphere. Although sex is important to us, it is not the only thing we care about. Our patrons also enjoy hanging out, chatting and sharing a laugh. Feel free to get caught in the atmosphere here, at THE CAGE.

Ya nos está eclipsando las fiestas de los proximos días, y por Madrid aparecen algunos personajes de fuera que cada día que pase se irán incorporando más y más. 
Pongo nuestro programa agenda para que todos podaís disfrutar de todo lo que organizamos. 

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